Reverse gear doesn't work on 1999 F350

Reverse gear doesn’t work on my 1999 F350, is the transmission need to be rebuilt? or it can be adjust thru the cable. the rest gears on transmission is Ok. Thanks for comments!!

Revisal ? I assume you mean reverse gear does not work and the rest of the gears do.

A hands on inspection will be your best answer. It is possible we can guess,any other info on how long, last fluid change, other symptoms possibly associated may help.

I’m thinking exorcism…

Have a tranny shop take a look. It’s worth an hour’s shop time to get a proper diagnosis.

manual or auto ?

Auto Transmission.

Use the 4R100. This transmission is a fully automatic, electronic-shift four-speed with a lock-up torque converter, known as a torque converter clutch, or TCC (the TCC provides a direct connection between the engine and the drive wheels for improved efficiency and fuel economy).

I’m not a tranny expert, but from the comments I’ve seen here on auto tranny problems, this is a quite unusual symptom. Reverse doesn’t work at all, but all the forward gears work normally. hmmm … well, I think you have a pretty good chance this will end up being a fairly simple fix. Like the posters above say, the most that could be done here is just speculation. You’re going to have to take it to a shop for evaluation.

I’ll add that if I had this problem I’d try to first secure the necessary transmission documentation and at least check that the linkage (both mechanical and electrical) from the shift handle in the passenger compartment was properly connected to the levers, etc where it is supposed to go on the transmission housing.

I’m guessing that the first/reverse clutch isn’t working. Can the truck engine brake in first gear?