Car wont reverse

my 1997 automatic ford escort will not reverse, when i hit the gas, it acts likes its not in gear. but it drives foreward fine. any ideas what this could be?

Have you checked the level and condition of the transmission fluid? That’s the first place to start. Has the transmission been maintained according to the owner’s manual?

If it isn’t already over filled add a bottle of Trans-Medic or Trans-X and drive it normally for a few days and occasionally attempt reverse. If it begins to work get the fluid and filter changed and add another bottle of Trans _ and get an estimate on an overhaul. You might need one soon.

Reverse failure is almost always an internal problem. If your fluid level is good and your shift linkage/cable is good the trans will need to come out.


When it comes to transmissions "transman" is the man.  however I will suggest that checking your shift linkage/cable would be first on my list.