Revenge of the self-driving car!

‘Woman killed by her own vehicle in ABQ’

'"It appears she attempted to exit her vehicle while the vehicle was in neutral," Gallegos said, adding that, "the vehicle started to move backwards, knocking her to the ground where the vehicle rolled on top of her."'

The self-driving car takes revenge!

Sounds very similar to what happened to the actor Anton Yelchin when his Jeep ran over him.

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More like idiot vies for Darwin Award.


Agree with @jtsanders This is not a new headline. I’ve seen this happen long before self-driving cars. People have run themselves over because they exited their vehicle while it was still in drive or reverse and run themselves over.

If the self-driving feature was on, the car would have detected her in the sensors and applied the brakes.


Back in the early '60s, a guy in my town was run over by his own delivery van. Somehow or other, his head got wedged under a wheel, and while he survived, he was never quite the same with his mental functioning.

Kinda harsh. Maybe it was an elderly person. Made a mistake, and sadly paid the ultimate consequence.

I don’t know for sure, sure if any of the safety features work while in neutral, I have not seen a car with collision avoidance that works while while going backwords.

Cars will only do what they are told to do. Self-driving cars are told many more things than regular cars, automatically, but they will only do what the computers or the operator tells them. Here the owner told it to do nothing, by leaving it in neutral, so it did. Gravity then told it to roll downhill, so it did that. Unfortunately the operator was in the way.