Restoration of Vehicle left in Storage

I am an active duty US Marine, and have been stationed in Okinawa, Japan for about 5 1/2 years. I left my 1998 Ply. Grand Voyager in a storage, batteries disconnected, covered and on Jack Stands. I did go back and check on it in Feb 2005, and just needed jumper cables to get it started. Should I cut my loses and try and get rid of it next summer upon my return or should I get it to a dealership and have them go thru it with a fine tooth comb so that I may have a second vehicle for my family.

I think you should change the oil, flush the coolant system, put new gas in it, replace the battery, and be ready to go. It’s not worth it to take a rig like that to the dealer, they will charge a premium on everything. Check it out (especially the tires) and make sure it’s road-worthy, then just drive it and don’t worry.

You may have to replace the brake fluid if condensation has built up during humid periods.

Go for it. It sounds like it survived well and may have few if any problems due to the storage. (Note: I will get fresh gas in there as soon as possible.

As you well know, you would have been financially better off had you sold it before you were exported, but, at one time or another, we all wish we had a crystal ball. Since you have burned off most of the age-related depreciation, you might as well keep it.

The biggest factor is the old gasoline…Todays gasoline is not stable, it tends to break down into some pretty nasty stuff. Instead of vaporizing and burning, it turns into varnish and a tar-like goo…It can cause the valves to stick in there guides, damaging the engine severely. Siphon as much out of the tank as you can and replace it with fresh gasoline. Hopefully you added some “Stabil” to the gas tank when you stored the vehicle. That will greatly reduce problems, but still, 5 years are a long time…

Next time, sell the vehicle, don’t store it for 5 years or more…