I have Storage , forgot it was a Van

Okay My Voyager has been siting in my Driveway for over 18 months I use it for Storage, the Transmission started Slipping and I needed reliable transportation to work in And got a 2006 Montanna ( I love This Van ) But the Voyager sits and i worry should I start this Voyager after it has sat so long ? Get New transmision for @$1,000.oo or donate it to charity , Note it has a new engine in it (well New 2 years ago ) afraid to start it in Pennsylvania

What year Voyager? You’re probably not going to be able recover the cost of transmission if you sell it (although $1,000 would be a very good deal even for a used transmission), so you’ll probably only want to fix it if you’re going to use it personally.

As for starting it, after 18 months the gas is going to be a bit of a crapshoot. If the tank was full when you parked it and it’s non-oxy (i.e. no ethanol) gas, you might get lucky. Otherwise it’s got to be drained and refilled with fresh gas.

Well, it seems it’s a Plymouth, so it’s pretty well aged. newest it could be is a 2000.

Donate it. If you can find an organization that uses it themselves, you can write off whatever you believe is the market value. Otherwise, the charity will provide a sales receipt and you write off that amount. I’m into car donations. I’ve donated 3 of our last 4 vehicles. The one I didn’t donate had a carbon build-up problem and I didn’t want to saddle the charity with a clunker.