Resources for tutoring

I would like some information for either accessing on-line or acquiring a CD that will interest a student that I tutor in reading and writing that happens to be a vintage car enthusiast. He is 75 yrs.old and I was thinking of something interactive.

I too am a volunteer for our local literacy project. Thank you for offering your services.

My first question would be whether your pupil is computer savvy. If not, then any on-line material will be useless.

But if he is OK with computers and the internet, find for him a chat room or forum that appeals to other auto enthusiasts. He can lurk for a while, and eventually you can encourage him to participate. I believe the interactive aspect will be far more productive to your goal than any dull, simple reading material.

Invite him to introduce himself and to ask a question on this forum.

As a volunteer tutor with a library literacy program, I am looking for an on-line program or software CD that would enable my student to “build” or modify an automobile. He is especially interested in vintage cars. He has a 1929 Dodge Brother’s flatbed truck and a 1951 and 1953 Plymouth. He’s just beginning to learn how to use a computer, but we have the opportunity, once a week, to use a computer together. I help him with reading, writing and math skills and thought that he would be enthusiastic about something to do with cars. He also raced cars when he was a kid! Any help out there?