Resister blower problem?

I had a new AC put in my 98 Park Avenue

in April and it was working fine until today when the air was alternating in power

from a gentle air flow to strong and when it gets into this mode all kind of warning lights come on and then suddenly go off and it is fine for awhile…One of my car people said I should check the blower resister. I also smell gas once awhile.

What is the expense on the resister and gas smel problem.

Your vehicle may have a solid state speed controller. If the speed adjustment control is variable instead of a few fixed speeds then your system uses a speed controller.

Since other things are also being effected it seems to me there is a problem in the power buss to those areas. I would check for a common tie of power to them. It may be the ignition switch.

The fuel smell may be due to a leak somewhere so check that out.