Resistance on driving

Hi all, I replaced the TCM box on my car and the D4 stopped blinking. It drives ok again but I’ve noticed it drives with resistance. Should I look into buying four new tires? I had the rear brakes done. Thanks, Jim

Make, model, year, miles, etc would be helpful. If the rear brakes are disc and only the pads were replaced, check for binding calipers. This happened to my 2000 Blazer after the rear disc brake pads were replaced. If a caliper is binding the wheel would get hot after a short drive. If rear drums, the brakes may have been adjusted too tight.

Ed B.

It could be the brakes, but it could also be the bearings.

Is this the same car from earlier that had the rear pads and rotors replaced and the parking brakes worked on?

I’d look into that work. You could have a pad dragging due to a stuck caliper or even parking brakes dragging if you have the type with the small brake shoes in the samll drunms cast into the rotors.

Thanks, I’ll look into binding calipers. I want my car to have a smooth ride. I just feel as if I’m riding my brakes. It may also be alignment time?

Thanks, Jim