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Residual gas in filter

I changed my gas filter myself for the first time today. It seemed like there was a lot of gas sitting in the filter - maybe as much as 1/4 cup (ok, not that much, but enough to worry about proper disposal). What do people do with this gas? Do you pour it right back in the tank? Drain it? Into what?

If you like pour it into a glass measuring cup and cover it (don’t use plastic). Allow it to settle out any solids and to allow any water to separate out. Decant the gasoline and put it back in your tank.

I like to throw them in the shop trash cans so that when carless smokers (who should not be smoking in the shop) throw a match in the can we all have something to laugh about.

Dump it in with your waste oil.

that is something i should try one day

That won’t work in my state. When you take waste oil in, they take down your name and address. The whole barrel gets tested for contaminants, and if gas is found, they contact everybody who dropped off oil and tell them about it. I don’t know what happens next, but it’s downright unneighborly to cause people that kind of hassle.

I could think of several reasons why gasoline appears in the oil and none of them should start court proceedings.

Roger that, OS. Who monitors that stuff in state gov’t anyway? I would put it with my waste oil. Rocketman

What will gas do to a waste-oil burner. My town uses the old oil to heat the DPW buildings with waste-oil burners.

If you have the gasoline mixed with 5 qts of oil that is only 2 oz in 160 oz oil, that is 1.25%. Assuming that HALF the people that bring in oil have changed their fuel filters and done this, that is down to 0.63%. You have simply skewed the hydrocarbon distribution a little. No one will detect it and it won’t be a problem for the recyclers or the waste oil burners.

With the amount you have there, you can put it in a metal 1 gal container (open) and burn it.

Too small a container and you’ll have a whoosh! and maybe no more eyebrows.

OR use a metal or glass container and leave it open and allow the gas to evaporate. Just make sure it’s well away from any open flame.

If you don’t like those ideas, you can put the gas into a sealed container and take it to a hazardous materials depot for proper disposal.

As was already mentioned, if there is no water in it, dump it into the fuel tank.