Resetting engine light

My engine light came on, and so I checked the gas cap and sure enough, it was loose. I tightened it and the light remained on for a week. I replaced the gas cap after my husband checked the code with a OBD reader, which said it was probably a gas cap. The reader says to NOT reset the light manually because then I will have to reset the Drive Cycle, which is difficult for my car. How do I reset the light without having to do the drive cycle again? It took the dealer nearly a week last year to get it right. (2002 Hyundai Sonata GLS 6cyl)

Take your Sonata to a good mechanic instead of the dealership. They should be able to reset the light for you unless Hyundai has a system that’s flawed.

Unless you are getting ready to go in for a state emissions inspection, don’t worry about the drive cycle, just reset the light.

So what code or codes are present? “Probably a gas cap” doesn’t mean very much.

The thing is that I do need to get an emissions inspection soon, and Nevada tightened the laws last year. Only one monitor can be out. I guess I should reset it manually and then see if I pass smog. The code was for P0455 Emission system large leak.

If anyone else has tried to reset the cycle, they know it’s extremely difficult and requires many miles of open road.