Reset BMW Fuel Gauge

I have a 2007 328xi that does not show a full tank when I fill it up.This happened when I drove the car from one gas pump to another with the gas cap open. The gauge remains at the mark where it was when I pulled in to fill up at the first pump station.How can it be reset? Thank you

As far as I know all this means is your gauge is broken. That is to say the level gauge in the tank is not changing with the fuel level. The gas cap is not an issue. There is no “reset” the cap has nothing to do with fuel level. This is done with a float that rides floating on the liquid fuel.

If you would fill your car up more often, the gauge would learn it could move above the half mark…Give it some time and it might adjust…

Thank you for the help.

I will tell the dealer. The car is still under warranty.

Than you I will try that and see what happens.

As you say, the car is still under warranty. Why this happened, and how to reset it, is not as important as the fact that, if there’s something, your BMW dealer should fix it for free.

Aren’t warranties wonderful?

Isn’t that the truth. But can’t help wondering with all this computerization, all the simple things we take for granted is not so siimple anymore.Is it progress or just a different way of doing things?