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Required maintenance

Do I have to do the maintenance at 15,000 mile stated in Prius 2007 maintenance book? Dealership is charging $400. If I do not do it, will that render the basic warranty invalid?

Maybe others know but I don’t,could you please list what is called for at 15K?

I would like to see how they justify $400.00

I don’t think anyone will advise you to skip maintiance,I think the exact warranty concern would have to be stated to make a conclusion as to whether skipping a 15K makes the repair on you (surely a interior trim concern is not maintiance dependant)I do read you state “basic warranty”

While you do not need to go to the dealership for service, you DO need to maintain the car exactly as specified in the Toyota maintenance booklet. Find a well-reputed independent mechanic, give him the list from the Toyota book and get a quote. Most likely, he will be able to undercut the dealer’s price by at least $100.–$150.

Just be sure that the invoice lists ALL of Toyota’s required procedures, in case you have you have to prove the maintenance record in the event of a warranty claim.

In short YES YOU DO.

However, you don’t need to have the dealer do it and your warranty will remain valid as long as you properly document that it was done. Often independent mechanics are just as good as the dealer, but charge less.

Not doing it will invalidate your warranty (rightly so) and will likely cost you far more down the road when something fails because you failed to have the maintenance done.

Yes, by all means, you should perform all the maintenance required by the manufacturer or your warranty will be voided. By the way, this answer is probably repeated in your owner’s manual. You should give it a thorough read.

Shop around. If the dealership is quoting this price, find a non-dealer meahanic who is willing to do it for less.

I think it’s against the law for them to void your warranty IF you maintain the car at a mechanic of your choosing elsewhere. What all does it need at 15k anyway ?

Of course. In fact, Federal law prohibits them from requiring that maintenance be performed exclusively by the dealer. Otherwise the cost of the service would have to be paid by the car company.

However, it is really important for the car owner to have the exact nature of the service documented, including the date and things like the type of motor oil that was used.

I think it’s against the law for them to void your warranty IF you maintain the car at a mechanic of your choosing elsewhere. Unless they dealer provides the service at no ADDITIONAL cost. Of course it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the records to prove the service was done.