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Replacing water pump

how hard is it to replace the water pump and timing chain in 1990 mitsi lancer

Hard. If you can have this done for you at around $600, pay the money.

First, I’d start by scoring a copy of the Haynes manual for it which you can get at your local parts store or here OR here at Discount Auto Manuals

In terms of difficulty, it’s not too bad with some basic tools, sockets, ratchet, a torque wrench, screwdriver etc. for pulling hose clamps and having some spare clamps, probably new upper and lower hoses if they look worn or haven’t been replaced in a long time, some gasket sealant (I prefer Permatex Type II) and a new gasket and whatever the manual suggests you need to pull and install the timing chain and retension the belts you’ll need to take off on the front end accessories.

At some point during this operation, I’d back flush the whole cooling system with some cooling sys. flush and installing something like a Prestone Flush kit and fresh coolant for the refill. It might also be helpful for you to have somebody to give you a hand. But read about it first and make sure you want to tackle it. If you haven’t done it before, I’d guess it might take anywhere from 4-8 hours.

That depends on your level of mechanical ability. Mitsubishis are generally not too bad in my opinion. The belt tensioner and any leaking seals should be replaced at the same time along with the balance shaft belt.

Sure you have the year right? I wasn’t aware of a Lancer in 1990.