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97 honda accord

I am thinking of buying a 97 honda accord. The car has had a new timing belt 2 years ago,has been well maintained, owned by second owner since 90,000 miles, has 220,000 miles. The AC doesn’t work- the seller says he charged it 2 years ago, it worked until this summer, but he didn’t fix it, doesn’t know if it is major or minor problem. The car is manual transmission, clutch checked a few months ago, prior to being put on the market.

The asking price is $ 1,200. Is this looking for a headache (mileage) or a decent deal ( honda) ? I am looking for reliable transportation.

This vehicle is nearing the end of it’s life. If you can get a good mechanic to check it out and it’s in good condition then it might be a good deal. Just try to get a discount for the bad AC. This vehicle could make it a few more years but I would not spend a lot of money getting the AC repaired.

Gee whiz, there’s not much to say about this posting. Reliable transportation for $1200? Not likely. If you have a garage full of tools, a service manual and some spare time, you might be able to get some more miles from this car, but don’t count on it. Nothing lasts forever, and eventually everything wears out, even a Honda.

With proper maintenance, it may last a long time yet, but it is at the beginning of escalating cost.

We gave our 96 Accord to our Niece who’s a Junior in college…Car had 230k when we gave it to her…now has 260k…and still running great…