Replacing Heater Control Light Bulbs In A '95 Subaru

I own a '95 Subaru Legacy. The light bulbs that illuminate the heating controls are all burned out. I completely removed the controls from the dash, but could not find a way to access the light bulbs. The Chilton’s Manual I have was no help at all. If anyone can share their knowledge on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.


My 96 Buick Regal needed bulbs in the heater control panel. After taking it out of the dash, and getting it apart, I found tiny screws holding the circuit board in place, removed them, and the little bulbs were soldered to the underside of the printed circuit board. I was able to unsolder them, remove solder from mounting holes with a desoldering bulb, and replace with proper bulbs from Radio Shack. But if your heater control bulbs were able to be serviced like this, you would have been able to see this already, I guess?