Replacing front axles - 1998 Dodge Intrepid

My son has a 1998 Dodge Intrepid. We have just been able to remove the front axles. Now we have found out that the new axles don’t just push on to the transmission stub shafts. At least not by hand. Any advice on how to do this???

NOTE: I guess we’re not really surprised at this given what it took for us to get the old ones off.



The new ones should push right in. Make sure you have the right parts and make sure the splines are lined up when pushing them in. If you are sure the splines are lined up, sometimes a gentle tap with a soft faced hammer on the end of the shaft will do the trick.

Sometimes it takes a blow to the end of the halfshaft with a dead-blow mallet or some other heavy soft hammer to seat the shaft into the transaxle.


Check that the splines on the old axle match exactly with the new part. Chrysler in some years used more that one axle design on the same year and you had to replace them with the same kind.

Thanks for that. Yet one more try resulted in success on the driver side. The passenger side is proving more difficult but we intend to keep trying. Will follow up on latest suggestion on making sure splines match.

… or a good healthy shove. Driver side is back together. Now on to passenger side. Thanks for the advice.

That is a very good suggestion. Thanks to all who took the time to help. As I mentioned above driver side is done. We’ll keep working on passenger side. Thanks again.