Fluid dripping on floor after drive axle replacement

Hello, I just had my right drive axle replaced on my 1992 accord today at a mechanic chain store. I have notice fluid leaking/dripping from where the axle and transmission meet. Any suggestions what is occurring? Could it be they didn’t replaced any seals or the axle is a wrong fit. Its a manual transmission by the way.

Thank you very much…

Bring it back to where they replaced the axle.

When the new axle is installed, you have to make sure the splines on the axle don’t drag on the axle seal in the transmission. Otherwise the splines on the axle can cut the seal causing a leak at the axle.



Another possibility is that the seal’s garter spring fell out during the repair.

With the garter spring missing, the seal can’t do its job.

Will do
Should I make a comment about the splines?
By the way what is exactly the splines?

Here’your axle. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=3279657&cc=1167162

You see grooves machined on the end of the axle? Those are splines. And they can cut a seal.


Find and develop a relationship with a local independent mechanic that is recommended by several sources and you will be much happier with your repairs. You may have to wait for an appointment because if he is honest, good and reasonably priced (Not necessarily the cheapest) he will have more work than he can handle. I have such a mechanic and he has told me several times that there is nothing wrong with the part that a tire store or muffler shop has told me needed replacing desperately. I guess the desperate part referred to their need to make a boat payment.

I would just add that if it’s assumed that the seals are the originals, they’re probably hardened due to age and heat. They can be damaged even if care is used when replacing the halfshaft.

This needs to be taken care of because even what appears to be minor leakage may be worse than it appears and could lead to transmission failure if allowed to continue.