Replacing coolant pipe tips

i own a 97’ accent and i must replace the water pipe as marked here due to a leak from a serious rust.
its a g4ek engine , with the ECFI unit above.
how should i do it? (like what to remove in which order and what are the steps )
tips and tricks and important things to know / be aware of?


I’d be surprised if someone here has done that exact repair. The general order is take pictures, carefully remove what’s in the way, replace bad part, reverse. You could try checking on an Accent forum. Be careful, lots of chances to break other old parts on a 24 year old car, I bet.


If you must have step by step instructions from strangers in the internet, I’d suggest this repair is beyond your abilities.

If you must do it yourself, my suggestion is to follow @texases advice… and figure it out on your own as you go. If you can’t do that, hire it out to a pro.


i suggest you get a haynes or chiltons repair manual for your vehicle if you are attempting this on your own.

It’s not that I can’t do it by my own with common sense , but I want to hear other people’s opinion and not to repeat the same mistakes

The chance that anyone who has done this seeing your post is really low . I even doubt if a Hyndai Accent forum will help is there is one.

I almost think that a patch using radiator hose and good clamps might solve this.

you might have better luck finding info for your specific vehicle on a Hyundai forum.

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Hyundai Forum for Owners (

The coolant inlet pipe is on the firewall side of the engine and hard to reach, you will need to do most of the work from below. You need the O-rings and small hose that connects to the coolant by-pass pipe, you may need to replace that pipe also. You may want to replace the lower radiator hose at the same time.

I use a scotch-brite pad to clean to O-ring surfaces inside the housings. Coat the O-rings with coolant before installing the pipe for lubrication.

That configuration is remarkably similar to my 4AFE engine Corolla. And I recently changed the water pump, and the repair manual said I had to remove that pipe as part of the job. I figured out how to remove it, then decided it wasn’t necessary to remove it just to replace the water pump. So I didn’t. But I’ll tell you what my plan was, if I were going to remove it.

Note that this method may or may not work on your car. Mine is a transverse mounted engine, 92 Corolla, no AC. In any event it’s a difficult job b/c that pipe is under the intake manifold and wedged against the firewall. One suggestion: Don’t force anything to get it done quickly. Take your time, patience, however long it takes.

  1. Read repair manual instructions specific to your car.
  2. Remove battery.
  3. Remove air filter and air filter ass’y.
  4. Remove air intake boot.
  5. At this point you should be able to remove the rubber hose from the engine to the pipe, but it may be quite difficult to get the rubber hose off b/c it is probably bonded to the metal. You’ll have to figure out a way to put some twisting force on the hose to get it loose. I used vice grips as I recall.
  6. Next remove the hoses on the other side (the front of the engine). Those are a little easier to get access to.
  7. The pipe itself it bolted onto the engine at one location. Unbolt it – may require some wrench/socket/ratchet trickery — and you’re done.

I did all the work from above. On the Corolla there’s really no way to access that area from below without removing the starter and the drive-shafts. loosening the engine/transmission mounts and jacking up the engine a little might prove helpful.

I used a little silicone grease to hold the o-ring in place.