How to repair/replace this small metal tube that is leaking coolant?

1999 Ford Windstar started overheating. I discovered coolant leaking from a small metal tube coming out the top of the rear right (drivers side) of the engine. There are two similar small tubes. This one appears to be corroded through. I tried to pull it off, but if felt like it would break off.
It’s pretty far back and somewhat difficult to access. I’m wondering if this can easily be replaced and if so, how would I go about it.

It would be really helpful if you identified the make, model, and model year of your vehicle.

Oh sorry!
1999 Ford Windstar

That’s the heater core inlet/outlet.
You’ll need to replace the heater core.

That’s the either the inlet/outlet coolant nipple to the upper intake manifold.

These nipples are pressed into the intake manifold with an O-ring. This will be something you’ll have to order from the dealer.

In the mean time what can be done is remove the broken portion of the nipple from the hose. Then slip the hose over what’s left of the nipple and then NASCAR clamp it.

This means remove the spring clamp and install two small worm clamps and tighten them down real good.


15 years, that’s all you get…You could attempt to remove the corroded fittings (good luck) or just drill them out, tap the holes to pipe thread and install suitable brass barb fittings for the hoses…I have little hope you will be able to remove and replace the factory fittings…

Those hose nipples are in the intake manifold and can be replaced if the rusted piece can be removed without damaging the hole but that is difficult. Dorman/HELP parts offers a great many intakes and may have one for that engine with the nipples installed. I searched several sources for that particular manifold but none appeared to match the linked pictures. Water without coolant or severely deteriorated coolant caused the rust problem and it will soon be causing leaks at freeze plugs, etc.

Many minivans force u to remove upper intake to reach rear plugs. This is a good time to do that service. Much easier to fix tube outlets with manifold off.