Replacing bulbs in my '98 Honda Civic Station Wagon



I am volunteering with a Humananitarian Aid organization in France. I will be here for about 6 months more. The documents for my car are all in French. The headlights, I discovered, can be moved up and down, however, no matter where they are they do not give enough light to see more than a few feet. Are they just not strong enough? What size bulbs do i need? I have one in front that has gone out and one in the rear that has gone out.


It sounds like you have the fog lights on. Ask around and maybe they will show you have to turn the driving lights. :slight_smile:


Are you sure you have the headlights on and not just daytime running lights?

Has the plastic lens gotten clouded, yellowed, or dirty on the inside?

Are you aware that many European headlights are designed to have a sharp cutoff beyond which it’s quite dark?