Replacing audi turbo chargers


My 2001 Audi A6 need new turbo chargers. It has approx. 100,00 miles on it. I love my car but will this expensive repair really give me another 100,00 miles?

That’s your decision. If the engine, transmission, body, etc. are all in good shape, it might be worth it. You might consider switching to full synthetic oil (as I think the manual recommends) to get more life out of the new turbo.

Turbocharger failures are usually caused by infrequent oil changes, lack of lubrication, or possibly even driving habits in certain situations.
Whether the new one lasts all depends.

I don’t think it will give you another 100k. As you mentioned, this is a very expensive job. It involves removing the entire engine assembly from the car, and is best left to the dealer or an Audi specialist. I would sell it or trade it unless you are ready for the possibility of continued expensive upkeep. You can make a very nice down payment on a car with your trade in and the money not spent on the turbos.