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Replacing a serpentine belt

hey guys-I’m an avid listener and I have a 1999 FORD Taurus SE with over 280,000 miles on it. Q. is it worth putting my time, money and elbow grease into or is it a “Big Joke”-signed a guy in Minneslowta

yes it is worth it since if the belt breaks you will have no power steering, alternator, water pump or A/C. It is somewhat simple but limited access. Before you remove the old belt draw on paper how the belt routes. Draw circles for each pulley and draw with an arrow the direction each pulley turns. pulleys with grooves turn in a clockwise direction and the inside of the belt ride on these. Pulleys that are smooth turn in a counterclockwise direction and the outside of the belt turn these.

Sometimes there are labels in the engine compartment that illustrate this. Is it worth it? Yes and you also have no choice, no belt no engine. it’s a $30 part.

You’re going to need one of these tools to release the tensioner in order to replace the belt.


Those are beneficial but my cars all had a square drive in the tensioner so I use a 15" rachet. I love not buying special tools.

m.j. depending on the car you may need to remove a motor mount.