Replacing a radiator for MAZDA MILLENIA 1996 2.5

Searching online for a replacement for my radiator. Any thing to look or watch out for?
Why do some say they don’t cool the engine oil? Is that typical?

shout out to Keith for helping me figure out why my EGR wasn’t circulating properly.
Cleaned out the EGR ports in the throttle. Engine light went off right away after months
of trying to figure it out!

mazda 1996 milenia 2.5 or are 2 good places to look

When it comes to radiators, I’ve had really good luck with

If the radiator is used to cool engine oil, there will be two lines from around the oil filter to the radiator side tank opposite the radiator cap. There will be two line also from the AT to the bottom tank. Check your current radiator for the number of oil lines going to the side tank of the radiator, if there are 4, then you need the models that will cool engine oil OR you can get a separate oil cooler to go in front of the radiator and hook up to that.

Avoid a copper radiator, they can eat up the aluminum of your engine. If yours is the base model Millennia, it should not have the oil cooler.


You can also check, but when it comes to radiators I suggest to spend a bit more and also buy locally so you can return them easily. The reason is that the labor involved in putting one in is usually much more than the price of the part and when the “new” part is of lower quality then the aggravation and potential damage to engine/transmission makes you regret saving a few bucks.