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Replacing a Heater Blower Motor in a 2002 Buick

Is it difficult to replace a heater blower motor in a 2002 buick?

Make And Model, Please …

Also, does this have automatic temperature/climate control or manual control?

I wouldn’t think it is too difficult but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t done it. I assume the motor isn’t working and that is why you are looking into this. If so, are sure it is the motor that is bad? There are other things that go wrong besides the motor usually, like the blower relay or speed control resistors.

The blower would run intermittently. I took it to my mechanic. He said that a connection in the motor is loose. If you press the connector on the motor to one side it runs, if you press it to the opposite side it stops. He wants $475.00 to replace it. I looked at it and it is open and held on by screws around the flange of the motor. I can buy a motor for $150.00. Is there any obstacles that I should look for?

Not much of a problem. If you are even moderately careful, you can avoid setting off the air bag. Disconnect the battery for half an hour or more before you start. Disabling the air bag system is usually recommended but seldom done. You should find this to be an easy job. Find your radio code or you won’t be able to use it (until you reset it).