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Replacing a Catalytic Converter on a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I need the catalytic converter replaced on my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Is this something I can easily do myself? Some cars I’ve had in the past had catalytic converters that had to be welded on, and others had catalytic converters that were kept in place with bolts, and I don’t know which is the case for my Pacifica.

Thank you.

No experience with the Pacifica, but if the exhaust system is original to the car, most likely a new cat can be installed without needing to do any welding. The common advice here however is that a diy’er doesn’t save enough $$$ doing that job themselves to justify it. The local auto repair & exhaust shops deliver good work for pretty good rates.


The entire system is shown on this RockAuto link

If you are going to replace the cat, a new one is $200 or so and the entire rest of the exhaust is another $237. The cat is bolted at the front and looks like a slip-fit a the rear. Given the age of the car, I’d replace it ALL, especially if you are doing it yourself. It will be rusty, it will fight you to the near-death at the slip joint, so just do it all.

For $237 you get 2 mufflers, and the mid-pipe. That’s a deal. The only issue will be the bolts or studs at the front of the cat. If bolts - easy, cut them off with a friction wheel or break them with a breaker bar and socket and replace them. Studs - go easy and use lots of penetrating oil. Impact wrench helps pound it off but don’t set it too high or the stud will break. Then you’ve gotta drill it out. Did I scare you or confuse you yet? If I haven’t, go ahead and DIY it. You will need a a way to lift the car fairly high to get everything out.

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Unless you have access to a lift, just take it to a muffler shop. Note I didn’t say the Chrysler dealer; their OEM part prices are at least double what your local muffler shop will charge.

Good luck.

Where I live disposing of the old exhaust parts would be a real problem . Our refuse pickup only takes what can fit in the rolling trash receptacle . That means cutting them into small lengths and taking a few weeks to get rid of them.

I once helped a friend replace an exhaust system , never again .