Fosted Headlights

My 2002 Civic headlights look frosted over either from the sun or from condensation in side and then baked by the sun. A repair shop said they could correct this for $25/side. Will this work, or should I just break down and buy new headlights?

advance auto part sell a product that restore head light.

This is why I hate those plastic light covers. I would guess at least 20% of the cars with those covers have degraded plastic covers and that means poor light and less safety.

Not that many years ago we have “Sealed Beam” lights. They were all round 7" and cheap to buy and easy to install. Modern cars have taken a big step back on practicality, economy and safety when the fancy designers insisted that looks were more important than function.

Yea, you can get a kit to polish them. Not difficult but it is time consuming. I could change both headlights tail lights and turn signals in my first car in less time. It also will not last as long as the OEM covers. Contact your dealer to find out how much a new cover will cost and how much they will charge you to install it.

You can buy stuff to clean up damaged lens covers…Macquires Plast-X comes to mind. Pros use a more involved process, some magic stuff, and they look like new…You will be surprised at how much new ones cost…I agree with Joe. Sealed Beams are the way to go. Glass rules. Plastic sucks…

The plastic is polycarbonate, and once the UV protective coating has worn off, the UV light degrades the plastic surface. Polycarbonate plastic has very poor resistance to UV and some chemicals. My own poor man’s solution has been to rub a small amount of polishing compound with a rag and wash off with water. Maybe once a year or so, you will have to repeat. The kits have polish and some sort of coating too.