Are Jeeps reliable cars?

are Jeeps reliable?

The name jeep is on a lot of vehicles. Most are above average in reliability but like all vehicles they have their weak spots. A “Jeep” usually means the rag top 4x4 by whatever name it had at the time, CJ, Wrangler, etc. As Ricky Ricardo would say, SPLAIN.

How many posts are you going to make about this?

As far as the TJ (Wrangler) and the XJ (Cherokee) they’re fundamentally pretty reliable. The parts availability is incredible. The engines are rock solid in the 4.0 or 2.5. Transmissions are too. The 4x4 hardware is shared between platforms and is not trouble prone. The vehicles themselves are relatively spartan compared to the Grand Chero and other posher offerings from Fomoco or GM. The bell and whistle list is short. Less to go wrong.

They tend to be great vehicles for a long term relationship. They are not economical by most standards.