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Hi Tom and Ray,

Do you give advice on tires? If so, my 2000 Subaru Outback AWD needs new tires. I?m looking for tires that will perform well in snow/mud. One business has recommended Yokohama avid TRZ S316. After reading descriptions and reviews of a few brands I?m very confused ? it?s a ?too much information? kind of thing. I?m in the $100.00/tire price range. If you can help me with this I?d greatly appreciate it; if not thanks anyway. Luv your show!



I suggest you stop by and look at their customer review section.  

Let's get one thing clear however.  You are looking at AWD and mud and snow.  I take it you are planing for off road or dirt roads?  

If you are going to be on paved roads and it is snow and ice rather than mud, then I suggest limiting your search to [b] WINTER [/b] tyres.  They have a different technology than the old mud and snow tyres.  They are better on snow and ice.

I agree with JEM’s suggestion that you investigate your options at

There’s a lot of good information at TireRack, and they’re a great source of information, even if you don’t buy from them.

They don’t carry all brands, however, and if you want ultimate snow traction I suggest you investigate the Nokian brand:

Go to “Tire Selector” at the top of the page, and enter your vehicle information. You will find some of the best winter tires on the planet.

I have a set of four Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tires, mounted on steel wheels, which I install on my Subaru Legacy station wagon when winter comes around. I have NEVER had a wheel spin or skid in snow with these tires on the car. They are fantastic winter tires, and I recommend them without hesitation.

I’ve driven my AWD Legacy in snow with its 3-season Bridgestone tires and encountered limited wheel-spin on acceleration and ABS activation during braking. Neither of these happens when the Nokians are on the car. The Nokians grab a snow-covered road as if it were dry.

Mud is another matter. Can’t help you with that.

If you want year round tires(all-seasons) that perform nearly on par with most winter tires take a peek at the Nokian WR or WR G2. They may break the $100/tire marker though as few vendors sell them.

The Nokian WR (or WR G2) is a one very few all-season tire that are also winter tire rated.

As long as the mud you’re talking about is a wet dirt road, you may be OK. Don’t drive that thing in real mud. Don’t spend too much on tires. If one is damaged, you may have to buy four new ones instead of one.