Replaced alternator leads to new issue...?

This morning the charging indicator light came on in my 2004 Honda Odyssey. It’s an old car, no big surprise the alternator’s time had come. Now I’m noticing that the van is idling too high. It speeds up on its own, and it will not decelerate when I take my foot off the gas. I did not go in this morning with this problem, this issue has to be a result of the process involved with changing an alternator, which I am unfamiliar with. What’s going on here? What happened today?

Bring it back, and ask that they check if any sensors/wires got accidentally disconnected when replacing the alternator.


Yep, and be prepared if it’s nothing to do with the service. I’ve had oil changed (of all simple tasks) and had parts decide that was the exact time to act up.

Just a possibility: theres an idle relearn procedure on these. Maybe when battery got unhooked, it caused a need for a reset. The procedure can be found on the internet. Takes about 15 minutes or so.