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Honda Odyssey Alternator Problems

We replaced the battery in our '05 Honda Odyssey two weeks ago. We had no elecrical problems with the car but were told during a routine maintainence that the battery tested poorly. Now we have to replace the alternator and are being told by the mechanic that there is no connection between replacing the battery two weeks ago and the alternator failing now. Is this likely?

A bad battery can damage the alternator, but I don’t think you had a bad battery, just a battery that was near the end of its service life and its capacity to provide power for starting was greatly diminished. If it was the original battery, then you got your monies worth out of it.

What happened that makes you think the alternator is bad? BTW, do not see a connection here unless the mechanic accidently hooked the new battery up backwards for a second. That would have caused an instant problem though, your battery light would have been on when you picked up the van.

Seemed to have random electrical problems over the last few days, side airbag curtain light came on and went out. Today, my wife smelled a burning rubber smell and the check battery light came on…When the car was then turned off, it would not start.

Thanks for the response by the way.

Burning rubber would be the serpentine belt slipping. That would cause the battery light to come on. It could be due to the alternator freezing up, but the alternators that Honda uses don’t usually do this. This would be a rare event.

Who is doing this maintenance?

Local honda dealer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the alternator did damage the battery. Depending on the alternator failure at least. Also, if the new battery wasn’t fully charged when it was installed it could have caused the alternator to work extra hard which may have damaged it. Whenever either one is replaced the other should be checked for proper operation. Once repairs are made, doing a load test on the charging system would be a good thing to do in order to verify things are working ok.