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Replace timing belt? 02 Forseter 423k miles

The timing belt went on the 08 forester, It has 423,000 miles and take a quart of oil every 1500 miles. Will cost about 1,000. KBB said it was worth 2,500(appox) (with this fixed)

Should I repair or give it up?

meant to say 02 Forester.

This car should have an interference fit engine in it; meaning that if the timing belt breaks some engine damage will occur.
It’s assumed this 1000 dollar repair is not taking any engine damage into consideration so the repair should not be done because all that will happen is that you will be a grand lighter in the bank account and still have a car with a damaged engine.

The shop should be aware of this but it’s also true that some shops think a belt job must be done before any engine damage can be determined. That line of thinking is incorrect.

Even repaired and running, I seen no way a 400k+ miles car is worth 2500 dollars. It may be time to say goodbye to this one.

I thot 423k miles was a lot for an '08. That’s about 85K a year!!

Congradulations for getting over 400,000 miles out of ANY vehicle! Yes, as others say, it’s time to say goodbye, and get something newer.

I thought it might be time to let it go. I do not want to waste money, and I have another car to use. Just wanted some uninterested opinions. I commute about 86 miles one way, and most of the miles are highway miles, even so… I need to disengage the emotions. thanks for the comments, it is what I needed.

423,000 miles? I see cars with that many miles but not very often. As the other’s have said, it’s time to say goodbye. I think the scrap value of the car is probably your best bet at this point. Even if you get the engine running again, with that many miles you never know how far away you are from unannounced catastrophic damage to transmission, differential, etc.

You don’t necessarily have to get rid of it. Sure, that’s a quart of oil every week, but you drive it a lot. I’d just drive it until something big breaks, then get rid of it. You probably don’t want to commute in it unless losing the timing belt during your commute doesn’t bother you.

JT, Something Big Did Break. The Timing Belt Broke.
The Car’s Kaput, Repairs No Doubt Would Exceed The Car’s Value.

The owner is going to get rid of it rather than have a paper weight that’s much too large. On the other hand . . . since there is some emotional attachment, I have heard of people having vehicles crushed into a cube and making a cubic coffee table.


@CSA A nice coffee table for you patio or basement.

OK, CSA, I reread the post. Get rid of the Subaru. But keep the seats for your Man Cave.

" @CSA A nice coffee table for you patio or basement. "
Or poolside . . . if you’ve got a second floor pool.

I do like the Man Cave idea, though.