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Replace starter on 1996 Maxima

I’m replacing the starter on my 1996 Maxima. The parts stores say early-1996 models took an 8-tooth starter. The models switched to a 10-tooth in mid-1996. My production date says 01/96; therefore, I assumed it took an 8-tooth starter. However, having taken the old one off it was a 10-tooth (NAPA brand)! So, please, what do I need?

Just like what you took off. BTW, the early 1996 models are typically built as early as 6/95. Don’t you ever notice that model years start selling the September before?

Thanks, friend. So, mid-1996 might not necessarily mean calendar year, but production year? In that case, 1/96 could be considered mid-1996 if the starting point was 6/95?