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Replace Only One Tire?

My 2007 Prius has 12K miles on it. Just had a puncture in left front tire, about where the outside sidewall meets the road. The hole has been plugged. However, we’re going on a 4K road trip soon and I don’t want to chance a blowout with this tire.

All the original Goodyear tires have 0.25" tread remaining.

Are there safety or other issues if I replace only one tire? Or is it better to replace the two front tires together?

Thanks for your help! austexhm

If the plug is holding air I’d continue driving on the tire until it’s worn out, then replace it. Just because it was punctured doesn’t mean it’s going to blow out.

If you don’t trust the tire I suggest you replace the tires in pairs. The newest tires should always be mounted on the REAR axle.

A properly repaired tyre is fine and you don’t need to worry. I would not replace it. … Hold on there a minute – a puncture … about where the outside sidewall meets the road.

Have that inspected by a second tyre person. That is a critical location, It is something of a judgment call and needs hands on experience.

If you get a second professional opinion that it is OK, I would not worry.

As mcp noted I would suggest replacing tyres in pairs with the best on the back (yea I know that sounds funny, but it is right).

Do you have a full size spare? Maybe you can use that matched to a new tyre on the back and use the plugged one as your spare?