Replace hoses

Should I replace the hoses on a 14 year old merc with 55,000 miles. I usually change the antifreeze about every 3 years. Car is well maintained and runs great.

Do the hoses have bulges? Squeeze them and see if they feel weak. You can find a newer car of any type for comparison. If your hoses are weak, change them the next time you change antifreeze, unless there is severe bulging. If that is true, do it now.

Personally, I would not trust 14 year old hoses, but then again, I am not a gambler.

Fourteen Years Is Plenty. While Changing Coolant Is The Ideal Time To Replace Them, Not As Much Work.

They Don’t Owe You Anything And I’m Pretty Sure They’ve Exceeded The Manufacturer’s Hose Life Expectancy.

Why wonder if one is going to fail you ?

Besides, once you ask this question you’d be hard pressed to find anybody willing to say, “No, those hoses shold be fine. They’ll probably go another 14 years.”

It’s like turning 50 and asking your doctor if you should be screened for colon cancer.