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2006 Kia Spectra - When to change old hoses?

I bought a Kia Spectra EX new in 2006 and it’s been a highly reliable small sedan. I’ve always driven the car carefully for its 70,000 miles. A couple of years ago, I took it to the local Kia dealership and had them change all of the fluids and belts [including timing] in order to keep it running well. Unfortunately, the dealership did not replace the two radiator hoses, saying they seemed fine. But now, at age 12, I’m very concerned the old hoses could blow out at any time, possibly damaging an over-heated engine. If I change the hoses, is it prudent to have the original water pump changed out at the same time? Any other change-outs? I’ve read that Kia stocks parts for its cars for at least 12 years so I’m considering trying to buy another water pump now while they’re still available. The original pump works fine at this time and I am now using this vehicle primarily for short trips around the metro.

Two things you need to see if it is time for a timing belt if your vehicle has one. If so there are other things to replace at the same time a water pump is one of them . And yes it would be a good idea for new hoses.

I think your confusing the federal requirement of having a parts supply for 10 years if a brand is discontinued or no longer sold in the US.

Love your handle Iggy. This is a question I have always had on my older vehicles. I look forward to hearing what some of mechanic members say.

I worked in Saudi Arabia and the oilfield service company there changed all their hoses and belts EVERY YEAR!!!. That’s an extreme case, but under most use, 10 years is about right.

You can test a hose by squeezing it; if it squeezes easily it’s due for replacement. Drive belts can be visually inspected and if there are cracks, you should replace them,. I replaced the serpentine belt on my Toyota at 9 years. It cost all of $42.

I replaced all the rubber hoses on my truck one time, and that sure resulted in a lot fewer niggling problems cropping up. Coolant hoses, fuel hoses, brake hoses, evap hoses, vacuum hoses etc. I should probably do it again actually, it’s been awhile. Fuel hoses and vacuum hoses in particular were constantly causing problems for me until I did that, never had another fuel hose problem since. Haven’t had any vacuum hose problems either, but some of the plastic vacuum line connectors have failed recently. What you are suggesting makes a lot of sense to me. I wouldn’t replace the water pump as part of this foray except either it (1) is broken or showing symptoms, or (2) when done as part of a job where the water pump is already exposed and easy to the replace; e.g. timing belt job on transverse mounted engines. If you want to replace something in the cooling system, replace the thermostat. Those are usually close to shot by 10-12 years. Just be aware that taking on pro-active repairs can sometimes damage other stuff in the process. Like when you are removing a stuck hose it breaks the connector. If that happens, whatever broke probably needed to the replaced anyway. There are special hose-removal pliers available which can help reduce the chances of this happening.

Just remember that a new part is not necessarily a good part

Several years ago, I decided to be proactive and replace the thermostat on one of my vehicles, because it was old. There were NO problems at all prior to the thermostat replacement

But right after I replaced the thermostat, I DID have cooling problems, the car was running hot

I guarantee you there was absolutely no air in the system. And the car didn’t have one of those coolant bleeder screws either, for anybody who’s curious.

I had to replace it again. The parts store grudgingly gave me another thermostat, all the while muttering under their breath that their new thermostat could NOT have been the problem

But it WAS

After installing the “replacement of a replacement” . . . all the cooling problems were gone. The engine went back to operating at normal temperatures, as it was before I ran into that bad new part

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