Replace fuel damper?

how do i replace the fuel damper on a 98 Toyota Avalon? i have the replacement part and i know where it is on the fuel system and how to relieve the fuel pressure but i cant get the darn thing off! Additionally there is a screw on the top of the original damper but none on the replacement part does that mean i have the wrong part?

Sorry, but I have to ask you a question: what is a ‘fuel damper’ and how does it work? I’ve never heard the term before.

That said, I guessing the screw is to bleed air or pressure from the fuel system.

Same here, so here’s everything you wanted to know about them:

If you look at the bottom portion of the damper. you’ll see a hex where a wrench can be used to unscrew the damper.


That’s odd, I read the complete article and where they say the photo of the damper is (to the left) the advertiser saw fit to use that space.

Am I wrong in thinking the fuel pressure regulator does the same job?

No, I think a regulator reduces a higher pressure to a lower pressure as fuel flows through it, while a damper is off to the side, absorbing pressure variations. Kind of like a length of vertical dead end pipe on a home water system to minimize water ‘hammer’.

If you go to this site: and click on the Download PDF, it will download and show you the photographs. The article is from the January, 2004 issue of MOTOR. Yo will find a lot of good articles in Motor Magazine.

Thanks Hellokit for posting that one. Now I see what it looks like, I’m going to check out my '04 Toyota Matrix and see if it has one.

The car runs beautifully so I sure won’t be messing with it.