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Replace clutch failure

I have a 2000 Subaru outback with a 5 speed standard transmission. Last fall, I noticed an oil and coolant leak which I correctly guessed was a head gasket problem. I took the car to a local mechanic who repaired the leak. Upon receipt of the car, I noticed I had been billed also for a clutch rebuild. I paid the bill on good faith. After a week the clutch began to chatter in first gear. Took it back, was told it was repaired. Had the car for a few days and the clutch was still chattering. Returned it and the mechanic installed a new clutch showing me the old clutch. The clutch still chatters in first gear, especially after the car warms up and running starting from a stop and on upgrades. I have had the car back to the mechanic and he does not know what is the problem. Can you determine the solution to this problem. Thank you, Larry G.

If you have a dual mass flywheel, it may have worn out.

Was the flywheel turned? New pressure plate?