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Clutch or Transmission Troubles with Subaru Forester 2006

Replaced original clutch on Subaru Forester at approx. 130,000 miles because of slipping. Drove car for a few days and clutch would judder once warmed-up when trying to engage 1st gear.

Took car back to repair shop, they said pressure plate was defective/set too stiff and replaced that. Whole car now shudders when trying to engage in 1st gear once the car has warmed-up and particularly on (even a slight) hill.

I would like some help: what’s not working correctly? Seen some discussion on throw-out bearings, master/slave cylinders and oil on clutch. Unsure.

Sounds like ‘Clutch Chatter’. Typically, this is because of uneven wear on or heat damage to the flywheel. If the replacement of the clutch or secondary replacement of the pressure plate did not include a turning of the flywheel, I suggest this is the reason for the chatter.

The flywheel was resurfaced with the clutch replacement. (I didn’t mention that.) Would you suggest that a replacement of the flywheel is really what’s needed? Another item that I forgot: since replacement of pressure plate, I notice when down-shifting from 4th to 3rd a small judder in clutch as well.

That’s it! Thanks.

Well, certainly it is likely that something still isn’t right with the pressure plate and/or flywheel. However, the motor/transmission mounts need a close inspection as well.

Car leaking transmission fluid now. Unsure if large leak, although area under front of car. On dirt surface, stain looked to be about 12 by 6 inches in size. Moved car, placed cardboard under–small puddle visible. Maybe 2 inches diameter.

Is this leak causing the shudder and chatter?

Transmission oil that is leaking onto the clutch plate could certainly account for the symptoms. If this turns out to be the case, your mechanic owes you a complete re-do of the entire job.