Replace chrome wheels with what?

One of the chrome wheels on my 1999 mercedes bebz S320 is starting to peel on the rim causing the tire to lose air. LesSchwab tire people tell me I need to replace all 4 wheels for appearance but also because the others will begin to peel and could ruin my tires. If this is my only solution, are there any recommendations about what wheels I should get (not chrome).And is there a market for my used chrome wheels? I am 73 so don’t plan to replace this car. It has only 70K miles.

See if offers steel wheels for your vehicle, or some other wheel supplier. To me Chrome wheels make no sense as I get older.

One of the chrome wheels on my 1999 mercedes bebz S320 is starting to peel on the rim causing the tire to lose air.

Want to explain what chrome has to do with the wheel holding air? That’s a new one on me.

As for looks…Replace with a similar rim. There is no need to replace all 4. Find a new place to do business. Sounds to me like LesSchwab is a rip-off place.

He’s getting the same kind of air leaks you have when the alloy rims start to corrode along the bead. Only difference is, chrome peels away.

Losing air in a tire means it will be run on improper psi and will eventually wear the tread away on the outer edge and also put excessive strain on the sidewall.

Lots of options here. I suppose you could have the wheels restored, or you could buy used Mercedes non-chrome wheels that another owner replaced so he could upgrade, or you could buy all new non-chrome wheels from Mercedes.

Some of you will hate this solution and chew me out but it worked for me. My 1992 Mercedes 300E started doing this on one wheel and I was having to add air 2 or 3 times a week. I put a can of something similar to Fix A Flat in it and for now the problem is solved. I will warn any tire shops in the future that this one tire has this product inside so they don’t get a surprise.

I love how people buy expensive cars, but won’t take care of them properly…

It’s a 1992 Mercedes…

I would go to tirerack, order a set of steel wheels and then use some nice looking cheap wheel covers. In a few years if you bang them up, just replace them (set of 4 about $20.00)

A set of four for $20? Up here you would be lucky be able to find one used one for $20.

As far as I’m concerned, ANYTHING looks better than chrome wheels. Steel wheels with hubcaps would be an improvement (at least visually), and they probably wouldn’t leak.

No, it’s a 1999 Mercedes. Pay attention.

Don’t tell me that that section where the chrome has peeled can’t be coated with a rubber-type sealant and be good to go. Find a service station, or two, which knows of such a wheel sealant.

This must be a pretty touchy air leak. Chrome is usually only a few mils thick. Does the wheel look like this one?

Short of spending a fairly large chunk of money on a wheel, or set of wheels, I second hellokit’s suggestion. If the flaky chrome is not an issue it should be easily repairable.

I’d agree with HelloKit about the sealant, but first I’d dismount the tires and use a wire wheel on the wheel’s bead, removing all the chrome that’s going to peel anyway. Since it’s the bead of the wheel, it wouldn’t even be visible.

I think that’d probably be the cheapest and best option.