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Replace blood transport vehicle? Vehicle suggestions?

Combine the use of both and get a compact or mid size AWD SUV. RAV, Forester turbo, Venza v6 etc. All , esp. the Venza would be much safer driving over 100 mph then the Expedition.

Use what the police use!

"Use what the police use"
Ford Taurus ?

The answer is obvious:

To look less like police, I removed the blue filters from the lightbar donated by the police department.
Police officers have said the Expedition gets through traffic better than police because it is taller.
It will never attain a police vehicle’s speed nor maneuverability, but it never needs to.
Fortunately, I can stretch out and sleep in it.

^ No room for blood and platelet boxes. But great gas mileage!

Mazdaspeed 3

If you want a car to replace your car, consider a station wagon. The Jetta SportWagen TDI was. A/T gets 29 mpg city, 39 mpg highway, and 33 mpg combined. The Subaru Impreza wagon CVT also gets good mileage at 27/36/30, and has AWD. The Highlander hybrid gets 28/28/28 for mileage, and all three give you room to stretch out in the back.

Friend says I am stuck with the fuel-consuming Expedition and its aggressive snow tires because of deep snows and drifts encountered. (We keep two shovels on board and have dug through drifts on closed highways.)
Years ago I had a station wagon in which I slept. It also hauled our tandem bicycle.

The Highlander would give lots of room, but at a high price. The Jetta is too short to sleep in unless you are about five-feet tall. The Impreza even worse. The last two generations have been stubbier and have been called hatchbacks instead of wagons. The Outback might be big enough, if you aren’t too tall. Likewise the nice Toyota Venza. Or the Acura TSX Wagon, a very pleasant, thrifty car, and reasonablly priced.

It ia sold as an Accord Wagon in other markets. It’s nice, but not hyperluxurious. Cheaper than the Venza because it only comes with a four. The TSX sedan also comes with a V6, but not the wagon, for no good reason. It’s still powerful enough for normal use, just don’t expect to load it to the gunwales with bricks.

The Prius V is basically a crossover or wagon, too. I suspect I wouldn’t fit very well in back, but I could be wrong. In pictures it looks much like an ordinary Prius, but in person you realize it is much bigger.

^Thank you. I am six feet. (Boss did not know they could stack manure that high!)
Wonder if I could stretch out diagonally?
No need for luxury or power. I’d rather have a smaller more fuel efficient engine.

(Forgot thathe Expedition is on call for heart-lung machines and blood pumps.)

Six feet is awkward. It’s how tall I am so I like to visualize mine in cars. Small wagons, even the ones we named, are rarely that long. Most are about five feet. The Venza might me. Some compact to midsize utes are about right. Probably your cheapest bet is the new Ford Transit Connect, in the long wheelbase version. It comes as both a van, with no windows in the panels, windows optional in the doors, lomiyed seating, and no standard inside walls in the carge compartment. They make all sorts ofgear that bolts in place back there. The wagon is essentially a minivan, we ith three windows per side, a fully finished inyerior, two or three rows of seating, and various minivan convenience features. The long wheelbase version would be a terrific basis fot a simple camper van. Thecvarious models run from about $25k to maybe $40k, though most are less than that.

Cars/utes that could easily fit a six-fitter tend to be big, expensive, and they aren’t very flat in back. The Ford Flex is an example. That would be qyite roomy, but I’d rather build something from A Transit Connect.

Considering how you drive, I recommend against the Prius, because it comes with special low rolling resistance tires that sacrifice traction in favor of fuel economy. If you put tires on it other than the ones recommended by Toyota, you will get worse fuel economy, so you will be dissatisfied with it.

You should consider a used police cruiser, as it will have the right suspension, the right tires, and the right engine for the type of driving you do. No unmodified civilian vehicle is built for the kind of use you require.

Thank you. The Camry is rarely used for emergent transports.
Most of its transports are long distance on highways and interstates, which is unfortunate for a hybrid.
Wish it were a hatchback. Due to the battery, I can’t even lower the back seats and extend my feet into the trunk.
I do not understand why so much concern about traction.
In rain I slow to below 55mph to minimize hydroplanning.
I have never had to make an evasive maneuver - anticipated all of them and avoided them.

Yeah, I get that you don’t understand why I think traction is so important. Hopefully, you’ll never get a chance to figure it out. :wink:

Just consider this, emergency vehicles that drive at the speeds that you do have special tires that are designed and rated for that use.

How about a Ford Flex ?
Plenty long enough and comes in AWD. The only caveat with the AWD will be ground clearence .

I think this is the guy that was on here before. Seems he wanted some way to keep the engine ready for instant 100 MPH driving.

Yeah, I went back to see who this guy
is, yes he’s a joke!

I went and checked your page. you re quite the pistol aren t you?

I say don’t replace the vehicle, but for the safety of the motoring public replace the DRIVER.