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In the last 2 days I put my key in the ignition and turn to start the car does start. The radio and lights come on but no ignition. 2-3 days prior to that the key would not turn in the cylinder. I took the key out and turned it around a couple of times and eventually it would turn in the cylinder and did start. Every once in a while for the past year when I’ve started the car there is a grinding sound. I believe I need an ignition switch. Does anyone have any more input?

“…the car does start.” Could you give more details? Sounds like? Does the starter move the engine (turns it over)? What year and how many miles on it?

“I took the key out and turned it around a couple of times and eventually it would turn in the cylinder and did start.”

I have no idea what you are doing, could you try again with a new, more detailed description of what you did?

I’m surprised you haven’t replaced the key cylinder before now. You may need new keys too and re-program the remote.

When you hear the grinding sound, is that BEFORE or AFTER the engine fires up?

Up until now the key has not resisted. I may be misrepresenting the sound. It’s not a grind like in the sound of chaning gears nor is it a clicking like you might hear w a dead battery but it’s definitely makes a noise. When it happened I turned the key to the off position and then restarted with no sound or any problems. Anyway, it happens before the engine fires up.

Hmmmm, I was thinking along the lines of a starter not disengaging wth the ring gear but you said the noise is BEFORE the engine starts.

That Leads my thinking back to a POSSIBLE starter problem that MAY be due to a worn bendix drive in the starter.

If this continues, I would be inclined to pull the starter off and inspect the drive gear teeth and also have a look at the ring gear while the starter is off.

Bench test the starter and see if there is a weird noise coming from it when activated.

Could you post the year and mileage?

1998 with 120,000 miles. Car would not start the first three times this morning. Cranked on the 4th try. Took car to mechanic this morning. He will check to see if key is worn, battery and starter. I’ll let you know the outcome. Thanks for your interest and suggestions.