Ignition or starter

Occasionally my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont start. It grinds but wont catch. If I take the key out of the ignition and reinsert it. It will then start. Once I was able to pull the key out when the ignition was between accesory and off and all of the dash lights and radio stayed on. The battery is good. Any suggestions on narrowing down the cause?

sounds like both are issues.

the ignition sounds like it is worn out, and the starter itself (bendix or possibly the ring gear) is worn out.

Cappy may be right, however the key cylinder completes more than one circuit when you turn the key to “on” and there may be one that’s only getting connected intermitantly. I’d replace that first and see what happens.

Grinding, catching, cranking, starting, are so difficult to deciper. Oh yeah, “it wouldn’t say a word” was the most positively unmistakable symptom I have ever heard.

Cranking- the crankshaft being turned, usually in an effort to get the engine to run.

Starting- cranking and whatever else is usuallly necessary to get the engine to run.

Grinding (starter) the starter noisily failing to properly turn the engine over.

Catch- a bad joint in the body, i.e., It is difficult to walk when it’s cold. It seems I have a catch in my gettalong.