I have a 1994 Pontiac Transport 3.8 liter.

I want to replace the transmision vacuum module, but I can’t find where it’s located on the transmision. Can anyone help?

Are you sure it has one? What symptons and with what system are you having a problem with?

See like this:

transmission vacuum modulator

I can’t say precisely for the '94 model. I have a Haynes for later models ('97-01) that indicates it is on the front side of the trans underneath the exhaust crossover. You need to remove the air filter housing / intake duct. Things may have changed a lot, though I doubt all that much. Maybe that’ll give you enough of a hint.

Thanks, I’ll take another look.

Check out this picture:

I believe that is it staring at us right in front - but its always so much easier to see with the thing out of the vehicle isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is the right trans (4T60E)

Time to crawl under again.
Thanks for the photo. I’ll see what it looks like.