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Repair or new

We own a 2002 Subaru Forester, paid for, dropped insurance down to liability & wouldn’t you know it hit an elk. We recently put in a new clutch, & new tires. So do we fix the body damage, now doubt ourselves or buy a new model. We are in a program where we can buy below invoice. The 2002 has 155K miles on it.

There’s buying below invoice…and then there’s BUYING BELOW INVOICE. You can probably get a real good deal on almost any new car these days.

It really depends on how much damage was done. Minor damage…then keep it…But I know Elks are NOT small…so if the damage is extensive it might be worth getting something else.

That’s Clever How You Say It Hit An Elk.

We have elk where I live. Our elk don’t move very fast. That’s surprising That your car car hit one.

Is it driveable? Does it run and drive as well as it did before? Did you sustain any mechanical damage like a radiator or anything?

Since the body damage is not going through insurance, you might be able to find a shop to “cotract” the repairs for the least expensive result and still have it look O.K. This car isn’t young enough to be around forever (that’s why you dropped insurance).

Tell us what major parts are damaged or trashed. Does it need a hood, grille, headlight(s), bumper, air bag(s), etcetera?

If it runs, take it by a couple of Auto Body Shops and tell them what you told us. They might have ideas for it using used parts or maybe leaving some minor damage that would not be very conspicuous. Get an estimate for the repairs if they think they can save it at a resonable cost.

I would take the keys away from that Forester before it takes off and hits something else.

Describe the damage. Do you have an estimate?

Talk to the salesman about giving you their best price out the door before you mention your program. If you can, look up the price of the vehicle on your program and compare it to the price the salesman gives you. If they beat it, don’t say anything. If they don’t match, tell them about your program and ask why their best price wasn’t the price you could have on the program.

You didn’t tell us what’s damaged, so it’s hard to say. I’ve always heard that elk, being so tall, tend to crash into the windshield when their legs are knocked out from under them by a car.

I’ve seen cars nearly totaled by a deer. I can only imagine what hitting an elk looks like.

What’s the damage?