Repair old vs buy used

Bottom line: is it worth it to replace eng/trans on our 97 honda odyssey (w/ 238K miles)?

Car has been great, we love the size, flexibility, and windshield visibility. We’ve done all the necessary maintenance: 2 timing belts; 2 axles replaced; cv boots, oil pump, etc.

We’ve gotten estimates to replace eng & trans ($5-7K, NC rates). The issue is not so much money, as it is whether the likelihood of more stuff going bad makes this a bad option.

A new car is out of the question, though a newer used car would be our other option if we choose not to resuscitate our 97 odyssey. Right now, knock on wood, it has no outstanding maintenance issues or problems. We’re just planning for the eventual next big step. Our luck can’t hold forever.

I personally would not spend $5K-$7K to repair a vehicle with 238,000 miles on it. No matter how new you make the engine and tranny, the rest of the car has used up most of its life.

Can you find a boneyard engine/tranny assembly?

I Agree With TSM.

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to old friends, but I think it’s time. Since I drive cars “forever”, I find this difficult too and the bond between you and your trusty companion clouds sound thinking.

Buy a younger machine with far fewer miles. If this Odyssey still goes down the road, get what you can get for it, and I recommend being totally honest with anybody interested in it. I think you’d agree that “it doesn’t owe you anything.”

I suggest you start saving money (if you haven’t already) so that when your trusty old van finally bites the dust you’ll be ready to go shopping for another car. There are plenty of nice used vehicles available, and your van may last several more years.

I would not install another engine and transmission, new or used, in a vehicle with this many miles.

No. Your vehicle is done.

Anything beyond 200k IMHO is great, sound like you got there.

You should think about reliability. If you take long trips, far from home, you need a newer more reliable vehicle. If most of your driving is local, keep it and do minor repairs as needed. I would NOT put the cost of a new driveline into it.

It’s not likely that you will get much for it on a trade or sale, so what does it cost to keep it as a second vehicle? Repairs and insurance (drop the collision insurance).

Just my opinion.

By the way, I know someone that has over 450,000 miles on a Honda Accord. The car has never had any repairs and he was upset because it needed an EGR valve. :slight_smile:

Did I miss the WHY you need to replace engine and transmission? It seems the car is running. Burning oil? Leaking fluids? Lack of power? Rough shifting? Is it possible to repair a particular problem and keep it going another 30 to 50K?

Sooner or later you’ll need another car. Patch this one up for a few more months and put some money aside towards a new or newer car. With 0% financing on new cars now $5K down and some trade-in dollars for your car, perhaps you can handle a monthly payment and get something new and run it for another 200+ miles.