Repair manuals

Are the down loaded CD repair manuals as good/accurate/comprehensive as the factory repair manuals? Anybody have experience with using them?

Cheapskate here, I have seen them for $ in the interweb, but prefer free at the library, It is probably the same material.

Specifically, Which Down Loaded CD Repair Manuals Do You Wish To Compare To Factory Repair Manuals ? I Always Purchase Genuine Factory Manuals.

Can you give a link or website ?


Sorry to say, the print manuals are not what they were. It’s not just the potential liability issues but that there are too many gaps in the information. Once you could rebuild your car’s engine based largely (but not entirely) on the basis of your car’s Chilton publication. No more. Now you can’t even expect good troubleshooting.

I Always Purchase The Hard Copy Factory Service Manual Sets For All Of Our Vehicles At The Time The Vehicle Is Purchased. They Always Pay For Themselves.