Repair drained battery cell on a new battery?



I installed a new battery a month ago but didn’t reinstall the battery hold-down. A pulley wore a hole through the side of the battery and the acid has drained out. The battery won’t hold a charge.

Will it work again if I repair the side of the battery and refill it with acid? Is that acid available?

Any ideas on what to use to repair the side of the battery (silicone sealant, etc.)?


Get a new battery…It’s NOT worth it.


Battery acid is really nasty stuff. It is likely to eat anything you try to use to fix it. It is time to buy a new battery, right after you fix the pulley.


It might be fun to try. Epoxy ought to hold up for the repair. The acid you need is concentrated sulfuric acid, which is not readily available. You may be able to order some from a scientific supply house, but it is non-mailable. Then you need to adjust its concentration properly. You can measure it by specific gravity.

Surely this is an interesting science project. Maybe your kid would like to try to build his own storage battery for the Science Fair. But for getting your car on the road again, it is entirely impractical. Buy a new battery.