Repair diff or new transmission?


I posted a few weeks ago about a problem with my '98 Contour. Turns out that the differential or “final drive” portion of the powertrain is dead. (I’ve never messed with the manual transmission, but I believe the diff’s internal to the trans?)

Talking to a trans. shop that I found in the very front of the phone book, I was told the “economical” choice would be to buy a salvage MT, and have it installed (5-6 hrs. labor).

Is this true? Have not noticed any problems w/ rest of MT, but would the diff fail in such a way as to take out the rest of the tranny?

Thanks for your help!

These gear-boxes are factory assembled to very close tolerances and are better off left that way… They are really not “Field Repairable”. VERY few mechanics have the skill and tools needed to successfully repair them. Installing a salvage gear-box is the way to go…Put in a new clutch while you are at it…