Repair Cost to change spark plugs in a Toyota Sienna v6

I am wondering if $350 is too much.

I consider this maintenance, not a repair.

Almost every type of maintenance on a minivan is expensive because it takes more labor just to get to the part being maintained. IHMO, $350 is too much, but if you are talking about having this done at a dealership, it is within the normal range. You should call around for more quotes before having this done.

Part of the intake manifold has to be removed, so it takes a fair amount of work. It is expensive, but the only way to know is to get another estimate, from a mechanic recommended on the ‘mechanic finder’, if you need one.

Perhaps you should buy a service manual for your vehicle so you can get an idea of what is involved when performing these jobs…Today, on many vehicles, a spark-plug change involves major surgery…

Consumers have stars in their eyes in the showroom…These stars can quickly fade in the Service Department…