Repair a Flooded Car


Our BMW 5 series wagonwhich is less than 2 year old, was damaged during the flood more than a month ago. We attempted to drive it out of an area that was flooding. Having driven a short distance, the engine died, and apparently some water seeped into the floor of the car while it remained stalled until we could push the vehicle out of the waters. At the time it was towed to a BMW service center, the electronics still worked. It was parked under sun for a couple of weeks in the lot. Eventually, the dealer told us it was totaled, flooded beyond repairable - engine hydro-locked, the car could not start and the interior of the car stints - and “you really don’t want us to repair this car” we were told. Apparently, our insurance company wanted it to be repaired. Despite their original determination for totaling the car, the dealer now suggests that it can be fully repaired by replacing “everything below the flood line that was affected,” and assures us the finished car will not have a flood record.

We understand that a truly flooded car is often not repairable, even after repairs seem to work, it can have a lot of problems down the road. We have mixed feelings about this. We love the car, but we absolutely don?t want to end up with a lemon. How do we get assurance that the dealer will repair it correctly so that it can function normally? And, will our car will not have a flood record as they suggested? Is there anything that we can do in such circumstances?


All the “assurances” in the world mean nothing. The car was damaged in a flood; that’s all you need to know. Never try to keep a “swimmer.”


Well Gollee,
my Land Rover gets flooded all the time and it keep’s a goin.
change all fluids twice and if it don’t start smellin
like dead fish you will prob. be OK
untill your elec.connections start to corrode.